To be honest it is great to have partner in consortium from France. Great country, climate, food! and most importantly a lot of encouraging ideas and experiences that can be transferred to other regions. ELISE partner Centre-Val de Loire has organised staff exchange meeting with tagline - "Go Biopharmaceuticals".

Partners from Poland and Lithuania came to France to improve their knowledge in 3 particular fields reflecting good practices provided by French partner:

  • Animation of the Biopharmaceuticals ecosystem with the idea of converting the pharmaceutical industry towards bioproduction to target new markets
  • Development of the international collaborative dynamics around Biopharmaceuticals – Aurélien Montagu (le Studium) and Studium Fellows experiences
  • Innovation support ecosystem management ‐ Services and Tools provided to Network members

As addition also regional policies were discussed in detail, in order to provide example how region can support financially and administratively very focused ecosystem - in this case industry focused on biopharmaceuticals. 

Aim of the meeting was to provide deeper knowledge on already presented subject, thus making  it more suitable for development of action plan in PL and LT.