ELISE project works closely with PA 7: To develop the knowledge society (research, education and ICT) of Danube macro strategy. As such communication manager was invited to present ELISE project and provide broader narrative of the innovation ecosystem and where is the place of research infrastructure and how policy can support this endeavor. 

Conference was organised within the scope of INTERREG Danube project [email protected] which aimed to find guidelines for better inclusive research infrastructure in innovation ecosystem and society.

Since its start in 2017, [email protected] contributed to a macro-regional dialogue on the topic of research infrastructure. It has offered capacity building actions and new resources and is still supporting “pilot actions” developing recommendations for organisations or assisting the knowledge gaining on national and regional level to contribute to new avenues of action. 

This final event of the project aims to provoke and facilitate exchange among interested research infrastructure actors in the Danube macro-region. It offers a closer look at the achievements and challenges of the past 30 months of [email protected] Moreover, the meeting facilitates the further uptake of results by the countries and research organisations and reveals possible synergies with current initiatives. Dialogue sessions will allow mutual exchange among the participants on practical challenges and individually developed solutions. Beyond that, the event briefs about current developments in relation to research infrastructure and options to contribute to a macro-regional action plan for the Danube region focusing on the topic.

The event contributes to better addressing the complex topic of research infrastructures in the future and to the development of tools to reach this ambitious goal, also by using and exploiting the macro-regional opportunities and resources.