Linking science and business through ecosystems was the hot topic of the day in Kaunas, Lithuania, where 30 experts from 7 countries met to discuss. Prof. Ragauskas opened the discussion with his polemic on significance of ecosystems for life science innovation development.

This was the first point at the agenda of 2 days meeting held during 3-4.4.2019 in the second largest city of Lithuania - Kaunas. The main goal was to discover and get familiar with the Kaunas innovation ecosystem and start to work on the action plan - the main deliverable of the ELISE. 

Vibrant innovation community based around Technical University of Kaunas - lead partner of ELISE - was represented by research facilities in technological parks, start-up incubator, entrepreneurship association and other supporting organisations. Current situation of the ecosystem is significantly improving. 

All of the partners presented baseline of the action plans in their respective regions and received the first feedback from colleagues. Each region is tackling different issue with one common goal - improve innovation ecosystem to boost local economy and bring new health solution for the European population.