Project partners of ELISE will meet at one of the last cooperation events at the beautiful seaside of Italian Rimini during the 18-19 of September 2019.

1 and a half day will be dedicated to improvement and feedback on action plans for each of the 7 regions, with one goal - improve policies for better innovation ecosytem! Development of the action plan is hard work, which require a lot of inputs from different fields in order to reach satisfactory quality. ELISE partners will join forces and help each other in the action plan design. 

ELISE project produced high quality analysis and substantial library of good practices that will used for the action plan and its implementation. Some of the activities are already in progress and we will be able to see results in near future. ELISE is going according to its main drive - by cooperation towards better future.

Another part of them meeting will be dedicated to solve last administration issues in order to successfully close phase 1 of ELISE.