The Everywhere International SMEs (EIS) project has many stakeholders all over Europe. Here you can meet a selected few who are involved in the EIS project.

Name: Hugo Serra Lopes

Country: Portugal

Function: Director

Institution: ANJE

ANJE is particularly interested in the follow-up of the EIS project in order to be able to contribute to the design of the future community framework, and possibly to the reprogramming of the current one, in order to improve the effectiveness of support for the internationalisation of companies.

Sharing experiences with other European regions allows us to adjust our vision of the programs in a positive way and to add value to the advice we can make through our participation in the consultative bodies we are part of, namely the Alentejo Monitoring Committee 2020.

We believe that business associations have a key role to play in promoting business clusters, particularly SMEs, in order to ensure scale for the approach to external markets as well as support in the analysis of the business fabric.

Picture at the top: Stakeholder by Nick Youngson licenced under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0