On 1 July 2020, the Metropolitan Councilor Dimitri De Vita signed the Action Plan of the Interreg Europe ecoRIS3 project. The main purpose of the AP is to identify a series of actions aimed at supporting territorial innovation and local development processes, in connection and complementarity with regional measures and policies in order to trigger synergies between the different levels of governance.

Image: Metropolitan Councilor Dimitri De Vita signs the ecoRIS3 Action Plan of the Metropolitan City of Turin. 

The actions that will be implemented are 3: "One single strategic direction for the local S3 entrepreneurship ecosystem"; "Research, Innovation and Territory Interaction Promotion"; "Coordination of initiatives in support of the creation and scale-up of micro-enterprises and startups", focused on the implementation of the Pilot Action "E-health Territorial LAB - Local ecosystem as an instrument to scale up innovative local start- ups in e-health topic ".

The Action Plan will be implemented in a period of deep changes due to the Covid-19 epidemic and all the actions envisaged will therefore be implemented with a view to providing a contribution to these new challenges.