Don’t Fall Behind: Metropolitan City Of Turin’s Ecoris3 Good Practices Reacting To Covid-19 Pandemic


MIP – Mettersi in Proprio (Start up your own business) : The work of the MIP continued despite of the difficulties imposed by the crisis. Specifically, measure 3 reserved for MIP companies was released, i.e. after Measure 1 - ex ante assistance- and Measure 2 - tutoring self-employment activities-, MIP companies can request a non-refundable contribution. Moreover, MIP worked in order to be able to provide consultancy activities even remotely, practice not originally foreseen but arisen as a response to the challenges imposed by the crisis. Finally, starting from April 27th the pre-admissions, suspended from March 9th, resumed in online mode for the CMTo area.

Although the circumstances, the MIP hasn’t stopped and kept supporting prospective entrepreneurs and delivering advice through the online mode.


I3P – Incubatore Imprese Innovative Politecnico di Torino (Innovative enterprises incubator)  The impact of the current crisis on start-ups led to inconvenient situations. In this context, I3P has decided to devote attention to listening to start-ups, to identify problems, but also to pay attention to their proposals to face the crisis.

The incubator then collected opportunities issued from institutions, associations and companies themselves, communicated them to start-ups directly and through I3P own channels (website) and made an internal consultants available for further information.

I3P took care of informing the start-ups about liquidity initiatives replacing the expected equity entry since fundraising operations were slowed down, also recalling the possible use of the FCG and Invitalia Smart & Start. A webinar on this topic has been organized and in general in order not to further penalize the networking and training of entrepreneurs, most events have been moved in webinar mode.

The payment terms were relaxed and the contractual methods of using the spaces for start-ups were made extremely flexible.

Several initiatives related to the medical emergency and to the support of production activities in difficulty were given visibility on various partner channels.

One of the biggest commitments was not to stop the processes, continuing to provide strategic and planning advice, evaluation committees and periodic meetings with investors as well. All the processes that were usually triggered by the action of counterparties have been restructured providing for an active approach by the Incubator staff.


MONI_TO – MONI_TO too never stopped its actions during COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, due to the crisis, some of the activities have been carried out online. Namely, lessons and good practices were shared by means of video lessons and a MONI_TO Youtube Playlist has been delivered in order to gather all the project's related contents. These initiatives enabled to keep going with the fostering of civic engagement for monitoring projects financed by EU Cohesion Policy.

The link to the MONI_TO playlist: