At the end of 2018, the interim evaluation of smart specialization was carried out to assess the benefits of investing in priorities. Evaluation is performed by MOSTA and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania. The Government Program of the Republic of Lithuania has renewed the thematic directions of smart specialisations in June, 2019 based on the interim evaluation and the results of the progress.


The Government Strategic Analysis Center (STRATA) has introduced a tool to monitor progress in the implementation of the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) in Lithuania. The interactive tool provides key performance indicators for S3 priorities such as:

• Investment for Priority Implementation;

• R&D investment;

• Publications, patents and number of new products;

The tool is seen as a tool for science, technology and innovation system participants to access data to monitor the implementation of S3 priorities.

It is intended that the data in the tool will be updated on a regular basis. The tool is available on the STRATA website by clicking on this link.