On July 8th 2019, the Atlantic Cities presented the project ECORIS3 Interreg Europe, focused on promoting the smart specialization not only in the academic, public and business spheres (the triple helix) but also in the framework of civil society (quadruple helix) and thus implement regional innovation strategies at territorial level. The presentation was made in cooperation with Ms. Redina Mazelli, representative of the Torino Metropolitan City, who brought another dimension to the project by explaining its implementation within the Italian city.

The Executive Bureau of the Atlantic Cities led the debates.

In order to earmark the project in the present and future challenges of Structural Funds, the presentation has also counted on a Round Table called “A Strategy for the European Territorial Areas” with the participation of representatives of different European areas and EP research Service. It was also an opportunity to review the possible establishment of an Atlantic macro-region, in particular with the intervention of the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions’ representative.

A debate on future European territorial and urban cooperation followed the Round Table. This dialogue made possible to discuss the role of the Interreg Europe Programme in the future territory cooperation among the territories of the Atlantic Arc. As well as the future orientations of the Atlantic Cities in the forthcoming European Programming drew on the study of the Atlantic Cities’ future challenges which is currently on going.

Furthermore, a presentation of the next coming Atlantic Cities General Assembly has also been carried out. It will take place on October 22nd 2019 in Cherbourg, in France in which workshops related to the ECORIS3 project will be realized. The General Assembly is opened to all interested stakeholders that wish to participate and share their experiences.

The Bureau Meeting was held in Brussels at the Rue Belliard 99-101, the Committee of the Regions, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m .