The ecoRIS3 project capitalization activities, undertaken by Atlantic Cities network as capitalization partner of ecoRIS3 project, are addressed at inter-territorial level across Europe. To this regard, within the upcoming months several activities are envisaged.

Primarily, next 8th July, Atlantic Cities will present the ecoRIS3 project during the seminar Strengthening innovation links within European territories at the Committee of the Regions premises (Brussels, Belgium). The debates on ecoRIS3 project which is focused on promoting the smart specialization not only in the academic, public and business spheres (the triple helix) but also in the framework of civil society (quadruple helix) and thus implement regional innovation strategies at territorial level, will be leaded by the Atlantic Cities Executive Bureau as well as European institutions and organizations representatives, included the European Parliament Research Service. Moreover, the role of the Urbact and Interreg Europe programs at territorial level will be at the heart of the debates.

If you want to take part on it, do not hesitate to register in the following link.

In addition, on 4th and 5th October 2019 it will be held the European Innovation week in Rennes (France). As the purpose fits with the project, it is open to the participation of ecoRIS3 project partners to the Conferences’ session on 4th October afternoon aimed at sharing ecoRIS3 innovative best practices and action plans with the European Investment Bank and MEP representatives on one side, and on the other side, with academic, business sector and also with civil society, an extraordinary opportunity to gather the quadruple helix and exchange ecoRIS3 project.

To conclude, on 22nd October 2019 it will be held the Atlantic Cities General Assembly in Cherbourg (France) aimed at working with the quadruple helix in the frame of ecoRIS3. A special session focused on “Researching and sharing best practices in Regional Innovation Systems -promoting sustainable enterprises and contributing to regional economic growth and employment” will be developed. A session which will be followed by four workshops focused on the ecoRIS3 project with 4 main axis: « Business & Science », « Civil Society : Tools and Platforms », « Research Centers and High Education Centers », « Public Sector and Innovation Ecosystems » .   

Bringing together policy representatives, business and high research institutes as well as other European projects will contribute to ecoRIS3 project results capitalization .

For further information please contact María MONTOIRO , Projects Coordinator, ATLANTIC CITIES: [email protected]