This new public-private partnership (initially signed for the next 4 years) aims to strengthen different areas in the city through innovation. As the Ecoris3 project has underlined, one of the problems shared at European level in the different innovation ecosystems is to break the gap between the public and private sectors. This new cooperation fully aligns with the recommendations suggested in the SWOT analysis to foster local innovation ecosystems within the RIS strategies in San Sebastian.

As a part of this collaboration, CIC Biomagune and its spin off Asparia Glycomics had participated at the ecoRIS3 Seminar on Health & Ecosystem organised by the Metropolitan city of Torino (Italy) on the 19th as well as the study visits organised on the 20th June 2019 at the Bioindustry Park.  

Image: Biomagune Research Center Headquarters in Donostia/San Sebastián.

Fomento San Sebastian, as the Economic Development Agency of San Sebastián, proposes a city strategy that includes, among others, a strategic axis of action linked to the transformation and consolidation of Donostia as a pole of innovation and knowledge. Within this vision, the development, retention and attraction of talent is promoted, as a key asset, together with the knowledge transfer generated by the local research to the centres SMEs and entrepreneurs to generate productive innovation. 

Fomento San Sebastián's strategic commitment to consolidate Donostia as a benchmark in research and innovation places special emphasis on the development of local talent and collaboration with the city's research and technology centres to create stable connections between the ecosystem local actors. 

The Center for Cooperative Research in Biomaterials- CIC biomaGUNE, located in San Sebastián (Spain), was officially opened in December 2006. CIC biomaGUNE is a non-profit research organization created to promote scientific research and technological innovation in the Basque Country, in order to create a new business sector based on biosciences. Its main activities focuses on the conception, production, promotion, dissemination, application and exploitation of scientific and technological knowledge in the area of biomaterials, biomedical imaging and regenerative medicine. CIC BiomaGUNE carries out a systematic research and experimental development activities, as well as training activities, transfer and dissemination of results to social and business agents with a multisectorial character and open to third parties. 

This shared initiative is fully aligned with the Europe 2020 strategy and the Innovation Union initiative, which aims to boost innovation and ensure that innovative ideas are translated into products and services that generate growth and jobs. 

The key aspects of this collaboration will be: 

  • Cooperation programmes between Fomento San Sebastián and CIC BiomaGUNE aiming at retain and attract local qualified young people. 
  • Promotion of the development of capacities linked to innovation in the educational field through challenges and competitions linked to innovation, within the framework of the Donostia Innovation Campus project.
  • Financial support and grants (Fomento´s Technological Vouchers) with which CIC Biomagune will provide technological advice to the city´s SMEs.
  • Activities and programs to promote entrepreneurship and technology.
  • Scientific dissemination activities for the popularization of science.