Donostia UP will be implementing a series of measures to support growth and innovation in the city. The programe will be applied in the medium and long term as part of a strategy based on 3 building blocks: human capital, business competitiveness and territorial cohesion. As in previous editions, the plan continues with its commitment to attracting and retaining talent and boosting innovation adding two other key concepts: the quality of employment and equality.

The rationale behind the new Plan is based on three main pillars:  

- PEOPLE, as the basis of all society, which must be supported for their development and participation in the labour market by promoting talent along with social cohesion. 

- COMPANIES, as main drivers for the employment and socio-economic development, focusing especially on those with the greatest added value and which are highly oriented to innovation.

- The TERRITORY: understood as the neighbourhoods, infrastructures, spaces and facilities shaping the environment in which the activity of companies and people is carried out and on which SMART projects are developed.

The Donostia UP! plan focuses on four key issues for the city: 

1) Promote innovation as a fundamental value on which local companies and entities should raise their actions. It is therefore considered a priority objective to support business projects with greater added value and to strengthen the city's innovation ecosystem. 

2) A commitment to talent as a key asset for the city, by supporting people to enter into the labour market or developing new economic activities.

3) Education plays a key role to build local talent, so the plan focuses on the training stages with various programmes that stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship among the youngest.

4) San Sebastian aims to become a reference worldwide smart city by supporting the use of the technology to tackle local social challenges.

Plan DonostiaUP! 2019 foreseen the following key action lines:  

1. Support for the most disadvantaged groups to improve their employability: 

- Programme for access to the labour market for people over 45 years of age,

- Programme for gender equality and employment guidance for the unemployed.

2. Promotion and supporting the trade locally along with hotel and catering industry as strategic sectors in San Sebastian/Donostia. 

3. Support services to new entrepreneurial and innovative projects. 

4. Grants for improving the competitiveness of the innovative business projects (DonostiaINN programme) 

5. Financing and investment tools 

6. Internationalisation and talent strategy (Connecting Talent tool) 

7. Support to enhance the local innovation ecosystem: the next edition (6th) of the Innovation Week-Weekinn will take place from 26 to 31 October 2019. 

8. Development of human capital and talent through skills linked to innovation 

- Implementation of the Donostia Innovation Campus programme, which works on the development of innovation skills in schools and training centres in the city, with special emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

- Development of the new strategic action line Zentre - Donostia Design, which is born as a space maker initiative to transform and enhance the city competitiveness through Design.

9. Tailor-made programme to support 4 economic sectors through the Local Clusters Smart, Agro, Surf and Fashion. 

For Further information on Donostia UP! please contact Xabier Hualde Amunarriz by e-mail on [email protected]