At Fomento de San Sebastián, we are committed to showing our city as a city of innovation, through the San Sebastián Connecting Talent strategy. We have developed tools for professional development, talent attraction, retention and return through different programmes aimed at the recruitment of highly qualified profiles, entrepreneurship, as well as the Talent House Welcome Plan. We also participate in international fairs and hubs. 

This year, we have gone a step further and have launched the first edition of the San Sebastian Connecting Talent Prize, which aims to recognise and raise awareness of professionals who have had and have a close relationship with San Sebastian and who are now developing a distinguished career in the field of R&D and innovation beyond our borders.

We are sending you a brief summary so that you can help us find that person who has a distinguished international career in research, business or innovation. Help us to do so! 

We look forward to receiving your proposals - Click Here to Enter

Who can opt for the Prize?

- People who were born or have studied or worked in San Sebastian (or who have other ties with the city) and are developing a distinguished career outside the Basque Autonomous Community in the field of technology, science and innovation in its broadest sense (and not exclusively technological).  

- They can come from all levels of education and fields (universities, companies of all sizes, start-ups, NGOs, government institutions, freelancers, …).

Who can put forward a nomination?  

Anybody can put forward a maximum of two nominations no later than 18th January 2019.

How to submit a nomination?

In person at Victoria Eugenia offices or electronically via this link

The successful person will be awarded the prize at a ceremony that will be organised in February 2019.