The 7th Structured Dialogue between the experts’ group of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) took place the 21st of November in Brussels. The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities (CAAC), as member of the group of experts, attended the meeting.

The European Commission presented 4 Communication challenges on strengthening innovation led growth in Europe’s regions:

- Reforms of R&I Systems

- Innovation investments across regions

- Synergies and complementarities between EU policies and instruments

- Less developed and industrial transition regions

The Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) has been identified to be the most efficient way to face these challenges. It represents a new way of working together, which ensures stronger local and regional participation in decision-making, and whose potential can be scaled-up for the benefit of the EU as a whole. 

EcoRIS3, being a project built to overcome the difficulties stated by the European Commission, was presented during the ESIF gathering. The Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities, partner of the project explained the aims of EcoRIS3 to an audience composed by European Commission officials and Cohesion stakeholders.

The transfer of innovation and knowledge produce by RTOs and higher education entities was highlighted. In this context, the group of experts was made aware of the challenge that represents the transmission of scientific and technological solutions to businesses. Thus, EcoRIS3 was celebrated by European Commission representatives, as well as other experts on Structural Funds. It was recognised as an opportunity to boost economic exploitation of research and development results.


Image: The ECCP Partnership Principle