Metropolitan City of Turin published a press release on the 14th of June 2021 that triggered a virtuous flow of dissemination of the pilot’s implementation and in-progress results at local level.

Besides MCT's partners directly involved in the pilot, activities have been told through the local ecosystem by many newspapers, online publications and social media.

We are very pleased with the widespread coverage pilot activities received since we considered this kind of dissemination as a way to put in place what Interreg Europe Programme aims to: developing and delivering better policies throughout Europe.

Pilot action activities have been well-received and internalised by the territorial ecosystem both as concerns the public sector (Municipalities, sanitary and social-assistance districts, academia) and the private sector (SMEs and providers).  

Finally, we can state that the pilot action has represented an unmatched opportunity to transfer a best practice through the interregional cooperation: thanks to the expertise of Biodonostia and Fomento San Sebastian in the Basque Countries, the Val Cenischia, a remote and mountainous area within the Metropolitan City of Turin has been able to experiment the advantages of an eHealth system.

For further information contact: Margherita Allena [email protected]