Fomento San Sebastian, as the Economic Development and Innovation Agency of the city, is one of the public institutions that must directly act to overcome the crisis generated by the Covid-19 virus.

Companies, Research Centres, Entrepreneurs, local commerces, but also the citizens have been directly affected by this crisis, and Fomento San Sebastian designed and launched 2 Economic Recovery Plans during 2020 to help mitigate the effects of this situation. 2,000 establishments in the city benefited from the aid, 41% of them located in the eastern area. 739 jobs were created and almost 9,000 jobs were consolidated thanks to the different lines of aid implemented by Fomento San Sebastian. Besides, nearly 2,000 women benefited from these measures. 

This time, the city activates the 3rd City’s Recovery Plan, PREK 2021, of 11 million euros, which includes different measures to continue mitigating the impact economic caused in the San Sebastian citizens by the Covid-19 crisis.  

The Plan will be, among others, building capacities in digital skills, new employment opportunities in niche industries or the development and support of innovative projects, with special focus on entrepreneurship, a great commitment in innovation, digitization of the economy and collaboration with the local business ecosystem that is creating employment and building local talent

The measures will revolve around:  

  1. Employment - €3.5 million 
  2. Commerce and hospitality - €4.1 million 
  3. Entrepreneurship - €715,000 
  4. Companies - €975,000 
  5. City challenges - €100,000

In addition, the city council articulates other measures to help the most affected sectors and target, with specific instruments for the youngest population and women, such as raising awareness of the role of women in science and innovation, or women entrepreneurship.  

In details, some of the measures addressed are:  


- Incentives for the set-up of new start-ups

- Digitalization of the service provided to entrepreneurs

- Specialized innovative programmes for Biohealth, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0


- Technology transfer vouchers with R&D to promote collaboration with local research centers

- The financial support for innovative business projects

City Challenges  

- Campus project (education related platform for schools)

- Innovation Week

- Support for social transformation projects, circular economy projects and a commitment to making the role of women in science and innovation more visible.

Specific and Transversal Programs for Youth  

-International mobility program

-Youth Talent Fair to connect with companies


For more information: 

To follow up regarding PREK 2021 to answer any questions you have please contact Xabier Hualde Amunarriz by e-mail on [email protected]