ECoC-SME provides inspiration to Savonlinna and Eastern Finland in preparing the application for the ECoC2026 title

Enthusiasm and commitment is building up in the network of cities in Eastern Finland around the project "Saima-ilmiö 2026" -- the Lake Saimaa phenomena -- Savonlinna's and its region's bid for the European Capital of Culture 2026.

Participating in the ECoC-SME seminar and study visit in Matera in October 2019 provided the project managers fresh input to the preparations. A team of researchers at the University of Eastern Finland -- coordinating the ECoC-SME project -- has been invited to participate in the series of workshops in Savonlinna as well as in the cooperating cities located in the area of the Lake Saimaa water system, Kuopio, Lappeenranta, Mikkeli and Joensuu, to share their views and messages from the ECoC-SME project related to citizen participation, cross-sectoral cooperation and legacy creation.

Workshop held in Savonlinna on 1st November 2019, with artists and representatives of cultural organisations.

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