Work with stakeholders continued in Timisoara upon return from the interregional exchange and study visit in Matera.

After preparing its structure and methods using what had been learned in the interregional exchanges in Matera, the Municipality of Timisoara held the second round of the "Local Learning Lab 1 series" on November 20.  Participants included local authorities, educational institutions, business sector representatives (including start-ups in creative and cultural industries, IT&C, social entrepreneurship and tourism), students and cultural NGOs, as well as Timisoara 2021 ECoC representatives.

The ECoC-SME project implementing team  at the Municipality coordinated by Lavinia Simion (right) , and the active presence of two stakeholder representatives  who had also participated in the Matera Workshop in October, Dan Bugariu (Timisoara 2021 Association) and Ovidiu Megan (West University Timisoara), ensured that lessons and messages learnt from other regions and cities were incorporated in the discussions.

Altogether 19 people attended this very intensive and productive workshop. The 'Lighting Decision Jam' exercise was used effectively to approach to actual solutions, potential good practices, new projects from identified problems (gaps and weaknesses that had been identified in the previous round of LLL1 concerning promotion of entrepreneurship among young people).

Participants were highly engaged and motivated so they agreed to gather again in January 2020 for a third round of this local workshop on LLL1 themes to continue this work identifying applicable solutions.

(See also news on the first press releases in Timisoara on activities of ECoC-SME).