The first creative Local Learning Lab was held in Rijeka on 9th October.

The main questions dealt with in the local workshop were:
•    The current state of affairs in the region regarding entrepreneurship promotion among young people
•    How does the ECoC event relate to the involvement and activation of the youth?
•    Cooperation with educational institutions
•    How to enhance cooperation between different organizations (incl. incubators, municipalities, associations, businesses) within the context of ECoC

Respecting the focus theme of this LLL in ECoC-SME, the participation of youth in the EcoC event, both as creators of programmes and events and as audiences for EcoC events was discussed. Participants presented planned programmes and actions for youth activation, and discussed other possible ways to motivate and engage youth in EcoC event. The EcoC legacy in terms of entrepreneurship development and youth activation was also discussed.  It was agreed that  efficient promotion of entrepreneurship among young people should include:   1) setting up of academic and institutional support for imparting entrepreneurial and business skills, 2) implementation of government policies favoring promotion of entrepreneurial activity and 3) making financial support available for young people. The greatest challenge identified was  inedaquate entreprenurial education.

All the parties involved were glad to be part of the project that could have great impact on Rijeka and its status of European Capital of Culture next year.