The first ECoC-SME 'Local Learning Lab' in Kaunas was held on the 7th October.

Stakeholders from Kaunas 2022, youth organizations, municipalities, representative of the academia and the business sector gathered together in the morning to discuss the opportunities and challenges of youth entrepreneurship initiatives in Kaunas region and how it could be integrated in the European Capital of Culture project.

Representatives gathered, among others, from Kaunas municipality entrepreneurship department “KaunasIn” team, Kaunas 2022 contemporary capital team, Kaunas chamber of commerce, university, youth and students’ organizations, NGOs and Kaunas district initiative groups to discuss how becoming European Capital of Culture can influence youth entrepreneurship and foster initiatives in Kaunas region.

During this creative workshop, participants found that   despite there is a broad diversity of programs and initiatives, there is a lack of initiative of the youth to be actively involved in cultural and entrepreneurial life.       Besides identifying the main challenges, stakeholders in Kaunas discovered many great touchpoints and are looking forward to continuing the collaboration.