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Community, the driver of cultural & economic revival


European Capital of Culture (ECoC) is anticipated to draw visitors, revenues and...

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ECoC Legacy: Initiatives, Resources & Good Practices


Our third project workshop continued with the thematic discussions on...

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Transforming Tourism after the Pandemic


How our ECoC cities processed, adapted to, and reinvented themselves to the “new...

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Timisoara: Communicating ECoC Potentials to SMEs


As uncertainties face SMEs, exploring honest and realistic business...

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ECoC in times of Corona: Rijeka 2020


What will happen to Rijeka 2020 European Capital of Culture, as the city is...

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EUROCITIES city dialogue on culture: COVID-19


During this difficult times, we all turn to culture: reading books, listening to...

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European Capital of Culture as Labs for CCIs


European Capital of Culture: a lab for Creative and Cultural Industries Even...

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Our first progress video is here!


ECoC-SME is thrilled to share with you a short clip of our progress in the first...

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ECoC-SME is speaking at Interreg Webinar!


ECoC-SME will present at Interreg Webinar, sharing our five tipsto run an online...

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Learn interregional, act local: Creative startups


How interregional exchange helps the regional creative sector of Friesland

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TM2021: uncertain times call for more cooperation


A brief summary of the announcement about the effects of the current Covid-19...

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ROP stays vital for SMEs in Vest region (Ro)


There is a high demand for SME development in the Romanian West region and they...

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