The Interreg Europe project ECO-CICLE aims at promoting cycle tourism in natural areas. Above all, regional development strategies are to be influenced in order to make the use of bicycles more important in the development of local recreation areas.

In the course of the project, Aufbauwerk works closely with “Grüner Ring Leipzig”. This is a regional association of cities and municipalities which was founded in 1996 and that wants to increase the attractiveness of the City of Leipzig and its surrounding area. In recent years, the Grüner Ring Leipzig has developed two large-scale cycling routes in and around Leipzig. In the next few years, the focus will be on the qualitative expansion of the former cycling route "Äußerer Grüner Ring", which extends over 134km passes through 14 municipalities. The necessary recommendations for measures to be implemented are developed within the framework of the ECO-CICLE project by Aufbauwerk, with the support of the external service provider StadtLabor and regional stakeholders. The qualification of the new “Grüner Ring Leipzig - Cycling Route” intends not only to strengthen the potential for cycling tourism in the surrounding Leipzig region, but also the importance of bicycles for the development of existing natural areas.

You can find an interesting article in German on this topic here.