The 7 project partners will meet in Torun, Poland for the second SCM and the day after for the workshop and study visit organised by the host partner, the Kujawsko Pomorskie region.

Partners will go through all activities carried out during the first semester and up to date and review the corresponding 1st Progress report and partner reports. Expectation of partners is to feedback on activities deployed at regional level and on the role of regional Stakeholders. Their commintment is crucial for the progression of the project and the Lead partner will share the experience of Andalusia for monitoring FG through a specific intranet.

Further on, partners will exchange on the procedure for the selection of Good practices being as deadline the end of the second certification period. The 2nd SCM will also address first insights for impacting the regional policy instruments targeted by the project.  Then partners briefly describe their respective policy instrument and comment on their expectations regarding improvement. For communication issue, Lead partner will present the Project Video. 

All agreements will be available after the meeting.