On February 26th, the members of the National EuroVelo Coordination Center gathered in Madrid for their annual meeting. Representatives of the Regional Governments of Spain involved in the EuroVelo project discussed the present and future of the development of the three EuroVelo routes (EuroVelo 3 - Pilgrims Route, EuroVelo 1 - Atlantic Coast Route and EuroVelo 8 - Mediterranean Route) crossing Spain.

The issues discussed in the meeting were mainly related to internal affairs of the NECC and to the ongoing infrastructure developments of the three routes.

Carolina Bielza, as representative from the ECO-CICLE project, took part in the meeting as part of the Andalusian delegation. She informed about the good and big potential impacts of the EuroVelo routes in Andalusia, as well as the significance of these routes in the works related to the ECO-CICLE project's developments and tasks.

She also explained that there is an ongoing assignment of the project focusing on setting up a cycling connection between EuroVelo 1 and EuroVelo 8, which will mainly run through Doñana National and Natural Parks. This route would take advantage of already existing cycling infrastructure and would also go along the Doñana National Park beach, which is one of the most spectacular beach landscapes in Southern Spain.