The eBussed thematic articles

14: Comparing the procurement and tendering process for electric buses in the Utrecht and Hamburg region

13: The benefits of (automatic) pre-conditioning of e-buses

12: User interface towards passengers: description of e-bus marketing in several eBussed regions


11: Readiness Indicators to electric bus deployment


10: Driver and Barriers to electric bus deployment


9: Operation Experience Of Electric Buses In Turku From The Drivers' Perspective


8: Recent e-bus developments in Hamburg: Autonomous driving and electrification of bus fleets


7: Understanding how the value chains of e-bus public transport work for six European regions


6: Neighbourhood buses and so-called Hamburg-Takt: Shaping the mobility transition in Hamburg


5: Companies, Big Data and the evolution towards zero emissions transport


4: Electric mobility in Malta


3: Protheus Smart Grid Project for Urban e-Mobility


2: Procurement and piloting of electric buses in Turku


1: Electric bus deployment in Utrecht