After a successful kick-off meeting in December, Hamburg’s regional stakeholders have rolled up their sleeves and started working on the project’s hot topics.

We seized the opportunity to recap at the local level the last Interregional Learning Event which took place on 20 January 2021. However, more important was to address the topic of the upcoming Interregional Learning Event which is “User Interface”. To what extent are the different user groups (drivers, technicians, passengers) involved in the transition to e-mobility? What are their views? What can we learn from them?

Photo by Pepe Lange / VHH

We made use of an interactive online tool (jamboard) to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders. This cannot replace a personal face-to-face meeting and workshop, but it is a viable way of exchange in pandemic times. The meeting was scheduled for one hour as it is easier to find a common time slot in the stakeholders’ busy schedules and to encourage their active involvement. Indeed, we experienced a lively exchange and received valuable output on how the different user groups are being involved at various stages of e-bus deployment.

Among other good practices, Hamburg stakeholders reported about training programmes for their staff (drivers and technicians) including short video clips which have been produced in the course of the European Horizon 2020 project mySMARTLife. For the general public videos about sustainable electric mobility have been produced as well as educational schemes for school classes and childrens’ birthday parties at one of the bus depots. At one of the local transport operators, citizens get the opportunity to suggest names for the e-buses as the fleet is growing. All names start with an E (e.g. Elvis, Erika, Emre, Evita, Emil). Bus drivers have been heard saying things like: “Today, I was on the road with Elise.”