What a refreshing shower of technical details the eBussed Tech webinar 2 was! Uniting two angles to e-buses, the webinar included a forward-looking and solutions providing a presentation of a newly launched e-bus and in-depth information on research results of a grid operation during e-bus charging.

Erik Henneken, e-Mobility Manager in the Utrecht-based company Tribus, presented the circumstances urban areas are facing. There are several ways to tackle the problem, such as offering the passengers’ bicycles a ride along the recently launched e-bus Movitas. According to Mr Henneken, the bus has several advantages, such as stainless-steel chassis, modular structure, and high accessibility.  

A bus carrying bikes on a rack. A screenshot from Erik Hennekens

The other presentation by Dominique Roggo from Turku University of Applied Sciences dealt with mitigating the grid impact. In his presentation, Mr Roggo explained the discoveries observed in power quality in e-bus charging stations.  

The eBussed Tech Webinar 2 is available in the eBussed library (link).