Project Events

Gozo Stakeholder Meeting

08/11/2021 - 07/11/2021

The participants will receive information about the project news and a...

Type: Project

Procurement and Tendering of Electric Buses


Interreg eBussed interregional learning event on ‘Procurement and Tendering of...

Type: Project

Gozo Stakeholder Meeting on Good Practices


The eBussed stakeholder meeting for Gozo will focus on Good Practices. Malta...

Type: Project

eBussed Stakeholder Meeting in Gozo


Welcome to the eBussed regional stakeholder meeting for Gozo on 12 March 2021. ...

Type: Project

Hungarian readiness-user-technological experiences


Hungarian readiness-user-technological experiencesa - 2nd Hungarian stakeholder...

Type: Project

Technical Requirements in E-Bus Deployment


TWG2 Technical Requirements in E-Bus Deployment Interregional Learning Event...

Type: Project

Good Practises sharing event in Turku


Good Practises sharing event in Turku Identifying and sharing good practices...

Type: Project

Tech Webinar 2


Tech Webinar 2 In the focus of the webinar are charging station grid...

Type: Project

Low carbon mobility and efficient public transport

07/07/2020 - 29/06/2020

Low carbon mobility and more efficient public transport STRIA Nonprofit Ltd.,...

Type: Project