Surveying citizens' opinions is essential in our project, especially in the wider frame of the SUMP development. For this reason, the RSM has concluded its survey to promote cycling in the city in July 2021.

In our previous article regarding the survey, the information about the questionnaires is scattered, but quite interesting: indeed, 758 participants filled the survey, with the first results:

  • 53% identified as male - the remaining 47% identified as female;
  • 45% respondants declared to be between 25 and 49 years old;
  • 55% declared to be older than 50;
  • 44% respondants declared they cycle, while the remaining 56% answered they do not

The survey aimed at understanding how people use bicycles and identifying factors to increase the willingness to use them.


On bike use frequency:

On purpose of journeys:

On pull factors that would encourage respondents to ride a bicycle or use it more frequently:

On ways to promote cycling:

On the levels of the pandemic's influence towards a personal shift towards cycling:

On safety while cycling:

On knowledge of mobility projects and plans: