How can we effectively approach marketing in mobility planning?

After collecting good practice examples of success marketing techniques across Europe, last October the e-smartec consortium published the “Handbook for success tips on marketing techniques” to help local authorities achieve successful citizen engagement. The document outlines a set of engagement tools and methods in detail, providing success tips, “how-to-do” guidelines and examples of best practises for not only raising awareness but also for facilitating the dialogue between multiple stakeholders as well as for identifying bottlenecks and revealing opportunities during the SUMP development process.

For cities to effectively apply the collected methods, tools and techniques, capacity building for local authorities and other related stakeholders is crucial. For this reason, to increase capacity amongst local authorities, e-smartec partners will organize 5 local hands-on training for the services of the e-library.

On Wednesday February 24th, Roma Mobilitá -task leader- kicked-off e-smartec capacity building activities with a training seminar for the whole consortium. The aim of the training was to test and work on the developed training methods before the local events take place. During the exercise, partners simulated building an engagement strategy for the SUMP development in a city. In 90 minutes, participants had to develop a different engagement strategy for each phase of the SUMP development process. Local partners will now translate the materials and organize the local trainings over the next months.

The training experiences and methods will be summarized and published as a report that will be available in 2022.