The project e-smartec will be featured in a session led by Eltis during the Urban Mobility Days 2020 (September 29 to October 2).

The session, titled 'Achieving change in mobility behaviour', will feature partner Coventry University.

Session scope

A strong modal shift from car to sustainable transport modes is key to make our urban areas more accessible and liveable. Are European cities on the right track? What are the factors influencing modal shift and the choice of transport modes? We know that long-lasting changes in mobility behavior often follow life-changing moments. In that sense, could the coronavirus pandemic be an opportunity for transport and planning authorities to promote sustainable transport modes?

Drawing from leading EU-funded projects, academic research and local experiences on behavioural change and mobility, the session will present and discuss initiatives that are contributing to make the shift towards sustainable urban mobility behaviors a reality.


  • Ann-Marie Nienaber, Coventry University & SUITS project, Organisational change


  • Juan Caballero, Project Coordinator EUROCITIES and EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Coordinator
  • Anna Nikolaeva, Assistant Professor at University of Amsterdam
  • Frank Fiedler, Section Head Transport Development at City of Dresden
  • Giuliana Famiglietti Pipola, Business Delivery Manager at Coventry University Enterprises