Project good practices

“Besser zur Schule” (“Better to school”)

Summary: “Better to school” is a comprehensive service which bundles all consulting activities of the Hessian Centre of Competence for Mobility Management for Children.

Location: Darmstadt, Germany (Deutschland)

Cycle Training in Schools (Bikeability)

Summary: Bikeability is a cycle training scheme for young people, families and communities which is delivered in many primary schools by a cycle training organisation.

Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom

“Go Electric Taxi” Scheme

Summary: Go Electric Taxi is a scheme to encourage taxi cab drivers to move to electric vehicles.

Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom

CASI project citizen panel meetings

Summary: The citizen panel meetings had the aim to promote inclusiveness in the debate on sustainable innovation by consulting citizens.

Location: West Midlands,

Coventry University Enterprises Ltd Location Independent Working...

Summary: CUE Ltd Location Independent Working is a scheme to enable staff to work outside of the office to help improve work life balance, productivity and absenteeism

Location: West Midlands,

Greening Your Fleet event

Summary: The event covered subjects like funding opportunities for businesses looking to reduce carbon and save energy, vehicle options, electric car and Green Wave App.

Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom

Cycle-R services

Summary: A registered charity encouraging cycling in the area.

Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom

Coventry Recycling Club

Summary: Coventry Recycling Club is a scheme to reward residents for recycling.

Location: West Midlands, United Kingdom

Cycling against Diabetes Melitus

Summary: A cycling race was organized, aiming to promote the message of minimizing the effects of diabetes through daily exercise.

Location: Κεντρική Μακεδονία, Greece (Ελλαδα)

Macedonian Cuisine Food Truck of the Region of Central Macedonia

Summary: Macedonian Cuisine Food Truck travels around Europe so as European citizens to taste the Macedonian Cuisine and the delicate products of the Region.

Location: Κεντρική Μακεδονία,

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