DiGiXMAR 2021 aims to develop a deeper understanding of digital marketing experiences by bringing to the foreground a multitude of methodological solutions that incorporate the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data driven marketing.

The conference brings in accurate, advanced solutions to the fast-paced data-rich virtual world and intends to recognize the needs and the demands of stakeholders in the turbulent marketing landscape.

The 3-days conference brings together key speakers, master class experts, country chairs, delegates from academia and industry, doctoral students and faculty members to shape the conversation on technology, sustainability and digital marketing experiences in highly dynamic markets. Amongst them, our parter CUE Ltd will be represented by Eleni Anoyrkati - she will give a keynote speech related to ‘enhanced sustainable mobility with marketing techniques’.

The entire conference will be managed through Easy Chair – a highly customizable conference management system, from July 29 to July 31, 2021.

Registration Deadline: July 25, 2021