Originally, the Hessen expert panel was planned for the end of April. The initially set date would have fallen into the COVID-high phase in Germany, which required a swift postponement and online transition.

To create a framework event for all missed events and important dates, HTAI/CC-SUM decided to organize and establish a SUMP.Academy as new field of working.

SUMP.Academy aims at establishing a series of events which will bring municipalities' practitioners in the position to set up a functioning and well-rounded mobility planning process in a good way, thus ensuring a good working-knowledge exchange.

SUMP.Academy has been opened by the Hessian State Secretary as an online event. All 465 Hessian municipalities have been invited to attend: the event has been divided into two sessions (June 23 and June 30, 2020), each one featuring two workshops elaborated in cooperation with the Technical University of Illmenau, who is part of the CIVITAS SUITS-Project.

Session 1 - June 23, 2020

- Opening of the “SUMP.Academy” by State Secretary Jens Deutschendorf.

- Workshop 1: “Shaping the last mile: Potentials of sustainable urban logistics”, Dr. Frederic Rudolph 

- Workshop 2: “Marketing and sustainable mobility planning”, CC-SUM and Michael Glotz-Richter  

  • Part 1: Introduction of “e-smartec”
  • Part 2: Presentation of outstanding GPs
  • Part 3: Presentation of the SUNRISE project and its work in Bremen

For more information, contact Simone Fedderke.