[NEWS] Disclosure of e-MOPOLI Action Plan draft

Slovenian partner of e-MOPOLI project, from Gorenjska region, known for the iconic lake Bled, organized on Tuesday, 8.9.2020 in Kranj, a national event for disclosure of e-MOPOLI action plan for facilitating deployment of mobility on alternative fuel.  

Slovenian e-MOPOLI project partner, Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, BSC, Business Support Center, Ltd, Kranj has in the project addressed a state Operational Program for the implementation of the European Cohesion policy for the period of 2014 -2020 in the priority axis addressing measures for the implementation of electric mobility. In the existing Operational Program only smart charging stations for e-vehicles were supported for investment. Through the project learning activities, e-MOPOLI partners exchanged knowledge about good practices in the segment of research and innovation, policies and market take up. The exchanged good practices served as a foundation and inspiration to proposed policies, in order to upgrade the existing Operational Program in a way to include proposed measures into the new Operational Program for the perspective of 2021-2027.   The purpose of the event for the disclosure of proposed measures for alternative fuel vehicles’ deployment facilitation in the e-MOPOLI action plan, was to get a public consent to the proposed measures and actions and to gather comments, ideas from the expert and general public if something should be improved or not proposed.  

The event, which in the project plan is classified as workshop of regional stakeholder group, hosted the following speakers, the Slovenian e-MOPOLI project partner, an expert from an Institute for the public – private partnerships and the director of the Directorate for Sustainable Mobility and Transport Policy in the Ministry of Infrastructure.   The Slovenian e-MOPOLI project partner introduced the project itself and 17 good practices from Belgium, Italy, Norway, Romania, Greece, Finland and Latvia. The good practices were categorized in 5 themes:  

- Infrastructure – incentives to support implementation of infrastructure,

- Incentives for the use of vehicles on alternative fuel,

- Local / regional action plans on electric mobility and other alternative fuels, infrastructure and multimodal mobility,

- Measures to increase the usability of public passenger transport with vehicles on alternative fuels,

- Supporting technological development and the economy related to alternative fuel vehicles.

The partner also introduced the policies proposed in the 8 action plans of the e-MOPOLI partners.  An expert from the Institute who has been a member of the stakeholder group for the preparation of the e-MOPOLI Action plan introduced the e-MOPOLI action plan draft and coordinated the discussion.  

The representative of the Ministry of infrastructure, which as an organization has also been a member of the action plan preparatory stakeholder group and an observer in the e-MOPOLI project, introduced what is to be expected in the next perspective of 2021 - 2027 in terms of financing and the state of play of the law for integrated mobility planning, in preparation. The participants had engaged into a discussion with the Ministry’s representative and among each other, initiating a vivid discussion about the thematic.