[NEWS] The promotion of the ecological transport

Romanian Parliament promotes ecological transport to reduce pollution in urban areas, gasoline and diesel consumption.

Local public authorities and private operators providing public transport services, including taxis, are obliged to buy environmentally-friendly vehicles according to a Romanian Parliament law, meant to reduce pollution in urban areas, gasoline and diesel consumption, as well as promoting new technologies in the mobility sector

In this regard, at least 30% of the necessary for future vehicle acquisitions - calculated from the total number of vehicles purchased in a year, must be eco-friendly means of transport, power by clean energy engines such as electric, compressed or liquefied natural gas, and biogas propulsion, starting from the beginning of 2020. Moreover, the same normative document regulates the need that, for public authorities, at least 20% out of the total number of vehicles intended to be purchased for its own fleet should be eco-friendly, powered by green technologies.

In order to ensure the implementation of these regulations, a new law was initiated in the Parliament, meant to establish both, possible sanctions for those who do not comply with these provisions and to establish the institutions that will monitor their implementation.