Due to the growth in the personal vehicles number from the Bucharest Ilfov region, CO2 emissions have increased, so pollution has negatively influenced the environment and thus affected inhabitants’ life quality. In order to combat this worrying phenomenon, the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment is preparing a program for the financing of 100% non-reimbursable grants worth 30,000 €, to install solar panels and charging stations for electric vehicles.

The ministry received 100 million € from the Environment Fund to reduce CO2 emissions and an equal amount from the National Energy Regulatory Authority for the same purpose. The grants can be accessed by any economic operator, small or medium companies from any sector, to install solar panels and electric charging stations for this type of cars. The hotels will have a dedicated line, through which they will be able to reduce their costs and will gain the possibility to promote their business, becoming part of the European charging stations database.

In the past, drivers were reluctant to buy electric or plug-in hybrid cars, due to the small number of charging stations in the region. The construction of new charging points will increase customers’ confidence in choosing these types of automobiles, which will lead to the increase in purchasing of clean energy powered means of transport, thus reducing the CO2 emissions in the area.