[NEWS] Electric mobility in the logistics sector

Calabria Region finances a new system of soft and sustainable urban mobility in the municipality of Catanzaro: e-vehicles for the final delivery of goods to merchants.

The "Calmes - Catanzaro Sustainable Goods Logistics" project, presented by the Municipality of Catanzaro as part of the "City Logistics (Goods Logistics)" call, provides for regional funding of one million 400 thousand euros. Electric vehicles will be made available to traders and transporters for the final delivery of goods to merchants. The goal is to reduce the level of pollution from harmful gases, supporting the spread of electric and sustainable mobility and the adoption of IT management tools for accessing freight transport in urban areas.

The Calmes Project will serve to define a new "soft" and sustainable mobility system in the urban environment capable of reducing air pollution. This aspect is combined with the objectives of Agenda 2030 and the need to preserve and improve the environmental quality also in our area.

The initiative provides for the creation of a sustainable freight logistics system in the city of Catanzaro, also through the activation of Limited Freight Traffic Zones in the historic center and in some neighborhoods of the city, aimed at promoting interventions of decongestion of freight traffic in denser areas.

"The approval and related financing of the project - underlines the mayor Sergio Abramo - contribute significantly to enriching the sustainable mobility plan in the City of Catanzaro, which the administration is pursuing through a complex set of programming interventions. These include the Urban Agenda and the Pums, which implement the definition of an innovative model of urban mobility which intends to promote environmental sustainability and urban regeneration ".