[NEWS] e-MOPOLI in the webinar on energy efficiency

The e-MOPOLI project mentioned in the Webinar "Energy efficiency: an opportunity for economic recovery" organized by the Province of Brescia.

Economic recovery and environmental sustainability are key words in the current difficult historical moment: energy efficiency, in this context, can represent one of the opportunities to be seized for the virtuous reactivation of investments and of the local and national economic circuit. It is therefore of primary importance to have an updated picture of the loans and incentives in the field of energy efficiency.

Among the guests of the online meeting organized by the Province of Brescia, in collaboration with the Municipality of Brescia and the Mountain Community of Valle Sabbia, was also present Dr. Sabrina Medaglia, Manager of the Europe and Statistics Office of the Province of Brescia, who dealing with the ongoing initiatives by the Province of Brescia and funding opportunities in the field of energy efficiency cited the e-MOPOLI project as an opportunity to contribute to the spread of e-mobility and alternative fuels mobility.