[NEWS] New services on the Slovenian mobility market

GiroMobility: a Slovenian company assembling e-bikes and developing high-tech solutions for sharing vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters. 

GiroMobility is a software company in the field of sustainable mobility. They develop high-tech solutions for sharing vehicles, e-bikes and e-scooters. Their mission is to change mobility. They see the future of mobility in freedom, comfort and reducing the burden on the environment.

What sets apart this company from other companies is that they offer e-bike rentals combining IT solutions for free floating, assembling their own e-bikes, with Siemens batteries and Chinese bike frames, offering the service of rentals and maintenance or purchase of e-bikes for different users.

GiroMobility has 3 main offers:

· Vehicle sharing (especially electric)

· Rideshare for several passengers in one vehicle

· Sharing electric bikes and scooters (to control the "last mile" or continue the route from the park & ride to the city center).

With their GiroCarShare vehicle sharing platform, vehicle owners can earn extra money by lending out their vehicle, while vehicle renters get access to more affordable and diverse car offerings. Rents are secured with a unique daily policy of Zavarovalnica Triglav.

Their transportation sharing platform aims to achieve a reduction in the number of passenger cars and passenger car journeys, which have long been considered a major obstacle to alleviating traffic congestion and pollution. Now, person A, who needs transportation, can connect to person B, who offers transportation, via a smartphone. They are the 3rd company offering this kind of service in Slovenia. In comparison to Avant2Go who is developing an app for their own rental e-cars to offer transportation sharing and thus reduce the cost of a rental per person, this company connects all car owners with potential co-passengers.

Sharing of electric bicycles and scooters aims at mastering "last mile" transportation around the city in an attractive way. The GiroMobility platform for sharing e-bikes and e-scooters provides a complete solution for CO2-neutral micromobility. They have sold their cargo e-bikes to Slovenian post office to deliver packages and mail quicker and with less effort for the postmen. They are also the only ones enabling long term rental or purchase of e-bikes and e-scooters. The long-term rental gives two options for 24 or 48 months. With the rental comes regular maintenance of a bike and insurance. The cost for this particular service, for a city e-bike, amounts to 3 EUR per day.