[NEWS] World’s first fully electric fast ferry

The EU funded Horizon 2020 TrAM project will develop a zero emission fast going passenger. Kolumbus and Rogaland County Council are leading the project.

Currently an electric fast passenger ferry (high speed code) with zero emission to air and sea is being built in Norway. Kolumbus (public transport company) and Rogaland County Council are project leaders. The vessel will operate a multi-stop commuter route into Stavanger, Rogaland. When the boat is finished in 2022 it will be the first of its kind.

With this boat, well-known zero-discharge solutions for ferries are put in use in the fast boat market. The lessons learned from the pilot project are planned to be used to build similarly in other places in Europe.


The EU funded Horizon 2020 TrAM project will develop a zero emission fast going passenger vessel through advanced modular production. New manufacturing methods will contribute to 25 per cent lower production costs and 70 per cent lower engineering costs. The project is revolutionary both in terms of zero emission technology and manufacturing methods, and it will contribute to making electric-powered high-speed vessels competitive in terms of both cost and the environment.

The project will also conduct two studies for the same type of vessel in River Thames, London and on the canals in Belgium to explore opportunities for similar zero emission vessels. This will pave the way for lower priced, environmentally friendly ships also in other routes in Europe.

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