The future of hydrogen trains in Italy

Alstom and Snam companies signed a five-year agreement with FS Group to develop hydrogen trains in Italy as early as 2021.

As a result of the five-year agreement with Alstom and Snam companies, the FS Group will start the development of hydrogen trains in Italy as early as 2021. The joint commitment and experience of the two companies in the use of hydrogen will cover supply and maintenance of the newly built or converted hydrogen trains (Alstom) as well as infrastructures development for production, transport and refuelling (Snam).

"Hydrogen will be a pillar of the European Green New Deal and of investments for the post-Covid restart" commented Marco Alverà (CEO of Snam) stressing the need to decarbonise transport for more efficient and sustainable mobility

The FS Group through its RFI (Italian Railway Network) already started the hydrogen rail transport study since 2018 deepening its benefits and features thanks to the collaboration with the Sapienza University of Rome and the CNIM (Italian National Committee for Maintenance). The national rail company thus increase its commitment to green public transport solutions over the recent years, such as the production of recyclable and low-emission trains of Trenitalia Pop and Rock and the hybrid buses in the Busitalia fleet. 

RFI has always been committed to the development of a sustainable also infrastructure network: starting August 2020 Anas (FS Group) is going to use only sustainable, renewable and clean energy for all its business activities.


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