Leasing scheme makes electric bikes affordable 

Home-Work-Home mobility scheme allows Rogaland employees to pay off an electric bicycle in three years through a fixed deduction from the monthly salary

In Rogaland County electric bicycles are popular as a means of transportation to and from work, but an electric bike is expensive to buy for many residents. Because of this, the mobility scheme Home-Work-Home* (HWH), aimed at the corporate market in Nord-Jaeren, have come up with a leasing scheme for electric bicycles. The scheme makes it possible for employees to pay for an electric bicycle through a fixed deduction from the monthly salary. After three years the bicycle will be paid off, and the employee will be the owner of the bike. Every bicycle comes with a service agreement for three years.

The scheme was developed in dialogue with bike suppliers. Three bicycle suppliers won the tender. Employees in HWH-companies bought 1200 bikes during the first six months of operation in 2019.

"We have taken steps to facilitate local players in the tender. The scheme offers a limited selection of bicycles. Ordinary sales of a wide variety of electric bicycles and equipment are not offered through the scheme. We hope the focus on electric bicycles and the new leasing scheme, contributes to a larger sale of electric bicycles and that residents choose to buy their bike locally" says Randi Markvardsen from Kolumbus.

Read more here: https://www.dagsavisen.no/rogalandsavis/nyheter/kolumbus-tilrettelegger-for-elsykkel-1.1635901

*Home-Work-Home (Hjem-Jobb-Hjem) is a mobility scheme aimed at the corporate market on Nord-Jæren in Rogaland. Companies that are members of HWH get different mobility benefits, like reduced price on a monthly pass for public transport, free access to the shared city bikes and the possibility to lease their own electric bike. HWH’s goal is to reduce passenger car traffic in urban areas by facilitating for more people to choose to walk, cycle or travel by public transport to and from work. Home-Work-Home is provided by Kolumbus, Rogaland's mobility company