Rombat will produce batteries for electric cars near Bucharest 

Starting with the spring of this year, Romania appears on the map of countries producing high voltage Li-Ion batteries for electric cars due to the car battery manufacturer Rombat from Bistrita, controlled by the South African group Metair who opened a new factory in Cernica, Ilfov County, near Bucharest.

Thus, the production unit of Li-Ion batteries for electric cars occupies an area of 5,000 square meters on two levels with a total batteries production capacity which can store 100 MWh per month, due to an investment of 12 million euros. High-capacity batteries are increasingly in demand by the car market, given the multitude of EV projects launched by all major car companies, including not only full electric cars, but also hybrid and mild hybrid cars. The batteries produced at Cernica can be released in two types - the NMC (lithium-nickel-manganese) type of 20 Ah / 3.65 V and LPF (lithium-iron phosphate) of 20 Ah / 3.2 V. The installed production capacity is up to 1 million cells per year, enough to equip over 20,000 medium-capacity electric cars.

In 2018, the market share of new electric cars (EVs) sold in Romania was around 2%. It is expected that in 2030 the market share of new EVs will be approximately 50%, which will lead to a considerable increase in the demand for batteries for new vehicles, but also for the replacement of used batteries.