Electrifying the port to reduce emissions

The energy company Lyse and Port of Stavanger are now collaborating to create charging facilities for passenger ferries, cruise ships and other large vessels. The goal is an emission-free port.

September 1st the results from a preliminary study regarding electrification of the port areas in Stavanger city will be ready. The two companies will then decide how to proceed, and if they will establish a new jointly owned company.

"Port of Stavanger and Lyse jointly have a good chance at managing to create zero and low-emission solutions in the harbour. The port is a landowner and has expertise in port operations and development of the port area. Lyse has expertise in infrastructure, electrification and energy solutions" says Port Director Merete Eik from Port of Stavanger.

Regionally, greenhouse gas emissions from ships have a significant impact on the climate accounts.

Costs and business models

"In the preliminary study the two companies assess which technical solutions they will recommend, and where charging and power systems can be most conveniently placed. – We also need to calculate costs and assess business models" says Grethe Høiland, Executive President of Lyse.

Høiland emphasizes that assessments from Lyse Elnett show that the conditions are relatively good for the necessary infrastructure and capacity. The idea is that the new jointly owned company will own the new facilities. Construction and possibly operation of the facilities will be put out to tender.