Two new apps for Bucharest public transport

Bucharest Transport Company launched two new apps to increase travel efficiency and passenger comfort: InfoSTB and BPay 

STB - Bucharest Transport Company is the main public transport operator in Bucharest, Romania, owned by the Municipality of Bucharest. STB operates a complex network routes throughout the region: 116 bus routes, 15 trolleybus routes, 24 light rail and tram routes, with a total of 2465 stations. On an average day 1.18 million passengers use its services, summing up a total number of 438 million passengers in 2019.

Recently, the company relaunched the Info STB application, which provides information about the location of public transport vehicles on the map and about the possible routes for traveling in the region, now with a new and more intuitive design. New features have been created based on user suggestions and comments and the name of the application was changed into "INFO Transport Bucharest". It is now easier for users to plan their routes, because they can see the estimated arrival time of the first 3 vehicles that will come to the station and also they can see the traffic schedule of all transport lines. Also for easier use, a history of the previously searched destinations has been created, and if the user is already in a station, the application detects his location and can directly access information about the route on the station where he is.

Moreover, out of the desire for an easy access of the citizens' to the wanted route of transport, STB initiated collaboration with the Bucharest City Hall to launch the BPay application. Starting with January, STB launched BPay application. Through this app, the user can pay all types of trips, monthly passes and special tickets for the Bucharest City tourist line. After making the payment, the application generates a QR code that can be presented by the traveler for control to an STB employee. In the past, travelers had only two payment methods for the trip: topping up the travel card with cash at one of the STB locations or they could have payed using the SMS. Now, a traveler can purchase travel tickets, both individual and collective or even monthly passes. All he needs is an account that can be created by entering his email address. The application is available in Romanian and English on Google Play and Apple Store.