A new vignette for air quality in Bucharest

Bucharest City Hall initiative: OXYGEN vignette to reduce greenhouse gas pollution generated by transport sector in the central area

For a better air quality inside the town, the Bucharest City Hall – PMB has implemented a tangible measure to reduce air pollution generated by transport sector from the central area of the city.

In this respect, PMB introduces the OXYGEN vignette, for the highly polluting cars circulating in Bucharest. Thus, an air quality action area (ZACA) has been defined, which includes the central area of the city and the northern part. For access within ZACA, drivers who use under Euro 3 cars will pay the 3 Euro vignette per day, and those with Euro 3 and 4, the 1 Euro vignette. Car owners can choose to pay an annual tax, starting from 150 Euros for Euro 3 cars, up to 400 Euros for Non-Euro automobiles. For the ones who drive Euro 4 cars, the tax will be 110 Euro, starting in 2021. Moreover, it has established a contravention plan that includes fines from 300 to 400 Euros for those who are driving in the ZACA area without paying taxes. Electric, hybrid, Euro 5 and Euro 6 pollution norms cars, have free access in all areas. Scooters and motorcycles are exempted from paying the vignette, also the vehicles with Euro 3 pollution norm, which run on LNG, CNG and LPG.

These types of measures are meant to reduce greenhouse gases generated by cars emissions in the central area of the very crowded cities and also to promote sustainable mobility as a necessity.