Teuvo Okkonen is a satisfied electric car driver from Kainuu - '' I calculated the cost to be just under two euros per hundred kilometres ''

Teuvo Okkonen from Sotkamo has now been driving 10,000 kilometres with his full electric car and is very pleased with his choice.  Okkonen's home in Tipasoja has a recharging point installed, and part of the electricity comes from his own solar panels. 

Long drives with the electric car have not caused any problems. Okkonen has for instance charged his car at home, driven to city of Joensuu (ca. 220 km away), charged it at a quick recharging point for 20 minutes and got back home.

After that, Okkonen tested the quick recharging point at Citymarket in Kajaani and drove without stopping to city of Raahe (ca. 200 km away). On his return, he stopped for more electricity in Siikalatva, although there still was a good supply of power left in his car. In addition, a full electric car has proven to be very inexpensive in terms of running costs.

One criteria for Okkonen’s car purchase was that the car should have a 60-kilowatt battery – and his car indeed has a 64-kilowatt battery. If Okkonen had bought an internal combustion engine car of the same brand, the price would have been 10,000-12,000 euros cheaper.

Full press article in Finnish here: https://www.kainuunsanomat.fi/artikkeli/teuvo-okkonen-on-tyytyvainen-kainuulainen-sahkoautoilija-laskin-etta-kulut-ovat-vain-alle-kaksi-euroa-sataa-kilometria-kohti-170959525