The second stakeholder regional workshop for the European project “e-MOPOLI – Electro MObility as driver to support POLicy Instruments for sustainable mobility” co-financed by FESR funds through Interreg Europe program was organized by lead partner Province of Brescia and hosted in its council room on September 10th 2019, engaging regional and provincial stakeholders on the e-mobility topic.

Inaugurated by Province of Brescia President Samuele Alghisi, the morning was a real opportunity to exchange views and dialogue for the participants: representatives for Lombardy Region (DG Autorità di Gestione POR FESR 2014-20 and DG Infrastrutture e Trasporti) and for the territory municipalities (Brescia and Chiari), TPL Agency (Agenzia TPL Brescia, Brescia Mobilità SpA, Società di Navigazione Lago di Iseo), R&D sector (Università di Brescia ed RSE SpA), mobility service providers (FNMGroup/e-VAI e GardaUno SpA, Concessioni Autostradali Lombarde SpA), companies (Bepooler srl e SCAME Parre), cluster and category associations (Cluster Lombardo per la Mobilità e A.I.I.T Associazione Italiana per l’ingegneria del traffico).

The morning was an occasion to share the progress of e-MOPOLI work to the stakeholders and to lay the groundwork for a common action plan for e-mobility development on the territory, agreed by Province, Region, P.A. public operators, private companies and in line with the policies promoted by Lombardy Region POR FESR 2014-2020 axis IV.

This workshop fits into Province of Brescia well established sustainability promotion strategy for environment and transports, in line with the Digital Agenda, the Covenant of Mayors and the Province mobility plan, aiming to continue its role as representative for Municipalities and companies on the territory for the development of a sustainable mobility, and electric in particular, applied to different areas such as street and lake transport.