Ministry of Infrastructure, Slovenia and Regional Development Agency of Gorenjska, BSC, Ltd, Kranj organised a workshop starting with the preparation of measures implementing mobility on alternative fuel in the Operational Program for the implementation of Cohesion Policy 2020-2027. Workshop took place in the premises of the Ministry of Infrastructure in Ljubljana, on the 6th of September 2019.

In the scope of the project e-MOPOLI the cooperation between RDA of Gorenjska and Ministry of Infrastructure continues with the discussion and preparation of the suggestions of the measures and activities for the action plan for the Operational Program for the implementation of Cohesion Policy 2020-2027. The government already adopted a three-year national Action programme for alternative fuels in transport in June 2019. Activities of the e-MOPOLI projects and its transnational exchange of knowledge and policies for alternative fuel mobility and infrastructure inspired new ideas for measures to be included in the mentioned Operational Programme, which is the core policy RDA of Gorenjska is addressing in this project.


Proposed measures are addressing business take-up on alternative fuel mobility, supporting research and innovation in the field of alternative fuel mobility and policies promoting the implementation of the transport on alternative fuels. One of the newly proposed measure in the field of policies is preparation of the legal document, similar to Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, including actions for the promotion of mobility on alternative fuels and dedicated infrastructure, by Municipalities. This document would serve as a strategic and operational document on a local level upon which the result of the implementation of measures could be monitored.